WFP Window Cleaning

Stanyer Cleaning Services undertakes window cleaning in selected areas as part of an ongoing development of the business. With approximately 400 customers, we are adequately experienced to cater for the window cleaning market.

Latest developments include the investment in water-fed pole (WFP) window cleaning systems. Due to new stringent regulations from the government’s health and safety department, the HSE, this method has been incorporated, with welcomed success, into the business. This method of window cleaning has minimised risk levels to the operator and customer, as ladders have been made almost completely redundant. It also, just as importantly, provides a more professional finish to the window being cleaned.

The system uses reverse-osmosis filtration, the process of treating water to take it to its purest form – no chemicals, solubles or dirt within the water. In this pure state, the windows are left spotless and streakless. This modern approach to window cleaning has consistently proved to be a far superior method to the older, inferior `mop and squeegee’ method, in both end result and safety. It not only provides a stunningly superior finish, but also provides a safe and non-disruptive working environment for customer and worker

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