Property Purge Cleaning

Re-entering a property after a letting contract ends, or on completion day of a property you have purchased can often give you a nasty surprise! Even if it is your own property that you are leaving to someone else, (and you obviously wish to leave it clean), being faced with the prospect of cleaning the complete property, head to toe by yourself, can be daunting and time consuming. Getting off on the right foot with your new tenant/owner is always essential. So our service allows you to bypass all the dirty work, and provides the new occupier with a clean home, as well as a good first impression of you, the landlord/seller. It also shows how you expect the property to be kept, maintained and returned to you.

Stanyer Cleaning Services upholds a fine reputation for quality of work and for safety.

We provide clients with full insurance, and can also provide COSHH Certificates and comprehensive risk assessments upon request. We use only biodegradable products that won’t harm your surfaces and we don’t use harsh abrasives to remove marks. With this level of care, we can ensure that you property is restored to its original lustre that you once had it in.

Because of the quality of work and fast response time, cleaning contracts have been consistently maintained by us for all local housing authorities north of Inverness, (including the Highland Council and Albyn Housing Association) and various building companies throughout the Highlands.

Just so you can get an idea of what we're capable of, look at the following photos!!!

From this...

To this!!!

From this...

To this!!!

And yes...even this comes up!!!

Stanyer Cleaning services meets these problems every day, and is fully equipped to sanitise and clean all types of household cleaning horrors. We’ve seen it all, and have never been beaten!

We uphold a fine reputation for quality of work and for safety. We provide clients with full insurance, and can provide waste disposal licenses, COSHH Certificates, comprehensive risk assessments upon request.

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